Finding Identity

Lately I have been struggling with the concept of Identity…do we rely solely on the vague labels we are provided? I have a hard time defining myself in that way: am I a writer? Or a photographer? Or a singer? If I don’t do something professionally or really even in public can I consider myself that “thing”? And what about the labels other people decide for us? Many people know that I am a mother now, but is that all I am now? I don’t think so. Am I the things I enjoy doing? Am I a woman simply because my genitals tell me I am? Or is there something more to that term…woman. Is everything about me dictated to me by someone else or have I decided who I am?

As I have been thinking about this…on and off for a couple of weeks…these are the ideas I have come up with:

Of course, having a child, I identify strongly with my new role as mother; a role I very much enjoy playing. But I know it is only one facet of my existence and my identity. I am a woman and as the role of woman and the ideals about women change I will tell you what that means to me…I love the traditional and romantic definitions of women: elegant, gentle, beautiful, etc. Being a mother, wearing dresses and makeup…I guess, really, conforming to the societal standards of beauty and femininity, but I am well aware that this definition doesn’t work for every woman…it is just what being a woman means to me.

But being a woman…gender…is not my whole identity; there are facets of my identiy that I don’t consider being a part of being a woman (and I know many people disagree with this, and that is awesome, but that isn’t who I am).

And what about my many interests? I would define myself as a singer, a photographer, a writer, a costumer, a mermaid, a reader…the list goes on…but would other people define me as such? And who is more reliable? My interpritation of my “self” or what other people tell me I am?

This will end as a fairly open ended blog post…Mainly I just wanted to ponder the ideas of identity, and what it means to me and to all of you! And don’t worry…this will start becoming more of a fun blog to read, hopefully full of plenty of photos for all of you to enjoy!


XO Lapin.


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